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What is the difference between intimacy coaching and marriage counseling?

Marriage counseling incorporates the diagnosing and treatment of mental health conditions that have a negative impact on marriage. Intimacy coaching does not diagnose or treat mental illness or disorders. Our primary focus will be enhancing awareness, in addition to building skills and practices for lasting intimacy.

Why should we choose the Amorist for intimacy coaching?

The Amorist intimacy coaching focuses on not only educating couples on intimacy practices but also working with couples and their unique lifestyles to create their very own intimacy rituals. Our objective is to establish lasting change through commitment and consistent practice.

How many intimacy coaching sessions do we need?

At the onset of our coaching collaboration each couple will receive a coaching recommendation proposal based on their expressed concerns or coaching goals. Intimacy sessions are recommended at a minimum of 3 months or more based on each couple’s specific goals.

How long is each intimacy coaching session?

We ask that you allow 1-1.5 hours for each session.

How often will we meet with our intimacy coach?

Intimacy coaching sessions are scheduled on weekly basis to achieve the best results. Couples also have the option of having 2 sessions per week. Weekly examination of progress, goals and feedback are essential to each couples success in reaching their unique goals.

Where do you meet couples?

Sessions are available through Skype and the Google Duo application. We try to provide the most convenient means of communication to lessen cancellations. Our clients will not have the inconvenience of travel time or additional expenses. Couples of all abilities can participate in the privacy and comfort of their own home.

What is the price of the intimacy coaching program?

Intimacy coaching is priced at $249 per hour, per couple.

What are my payment options?

Credit Card/PayPal – payments must be made before each session. Please inquire about payment detail.

What is the difference between private intimacy coaching and attending the Amorist Retreat?

The Amorist Retreat provides couples with an exceptional experience of receiving coaching sessions in a “community” setting. Our valued clients will be coached alongside other committed couples surrounded by luxury and elite concierge services at a private designated location. In this setting, couples will benefit from the fellowship and support of others who share their dedication to strengthening their relationship. The retreat coaching is more concentrated and moves at a quicker pace compared to private intimacy coaching. However we are mindful that this setting is not ideal for all couples, therefore private intimacy coaching provides couples with one-on-one coaching in addition to creating and working to achieve their specific coaching goals at a suitable pace.

What airport do I fly into for the Amorist Retreat?

We are located in beautiful sunny Florida. Couples can fly into West Palm Beach International Airport which is conveniently located 45 minutes away. Flights are also available further south at the Fort Lauderdale Airport.

Always choose love. Choose the Amorist.